What are The Required HPD Signs in New York

HPD signs are required in New York for the safety of residents, visitors, and employees who are in the building or on the property. The New York City Department of Housing and Development, referred to as HPD, is the department in NYC that oversees and maintains NYC affordable housing. With the cost of living being so high, the HPD helps to ensure that the average family can have a safe place to live within the city.


There are signs that are required for the property owner to remain within the laws and guidelines. These signs all serve an important service and it is important to have all the HPD signs displayed properly.

Required HPD Signs

  • Boiler Room Signs: Boiler room signs must be displayed on the boiler room door and near the entrance of the property or building. Information on the boiler room sign must include the contact information of the individual having the keys.
  • Video Surveillance Signs: Video surveillance equipment is used on many multi-unit buildings in NYC. HPD regulations state a property owner must post video surveillance signage on the exterior of the building that is using the equipment. The video surveillance signs must be easy to see and read.
  • Fire Safety Signs: Required by both the fire department and the DOB. Depending on the building and dwellings within, there may be several types of fire signs that are required.
  • Building Management Signs: There are several distinct types of building management signs that are required by the DOB. Building management signs include exit signs, janitor signs, info signs, floor number signs, and more.
  • Floor Number Signs: Must be displayed on floors properly displaying the floor numbers in multi dwelling buildings.
  • Regulatory Signs: The HPD states that regulatory signs must be displayed in certain predetermined areas of buildings.
  • Required Building Signs: Certificates of inspections and other DOB signs may be required for your property. Needing aa variety of HPD signs for your building is something that we can help with. HPD Signs NY is the leading fabricator of required HPD building signs NYC.

For each category of signs there is a list of the required signs that are needed to meet required specifications by the HPD.  Each category of signs has their own specifications as to size, color and display.

Anyone who has property that is registered with HPD has to have the proper signage displayed. We are the leader in supplying HPD NY signage for those property owners at affordable process. Our team is committed to helping our customers remain in the HPD requirements and keep their properties safe for all who visit or reside.

HPD Signs are fabricated and constructed to all HPD and DOB standards. We keep up on the current changes in law and requirements when it comes to signage. Our team of professionals can help you with all of your NYC HPD Sign needs and questions. Here at HPD Signs NY we can supply you and your company with all the proper HPD signs needs. Whether we fabricate your signs, or the printed materials needed, you can rest assured the team will provide high quality workmanship at affordable process.